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AACD 2006 Resolutions
December 13, 2006

1. Resolutions which originate at area meetings, then are subsequently passed at the AACD State Meeting are important and of great interest to AACD members. The approved resolutions do not always get the attention they deserve. AACD resolves to correct this oversight and:

1) to publish the resolutions in a media where all members can see them;

2) to pursue action to accomplish the goals and;

3) to report accomplishments and or failures at the annual meeting.


2. AACD urges ANRC to improve communications with the districts to obtain district input on  all  important matters, and to reassure districts of the equal partner basis of  the relationship.


3. AACD opposes the formation of Districts based upon watershed.  It is believed that watershed based Districts would result in larger districts, increased cost and reduced attention in distant areas of the watershed. Further it would interfere with working relationships which now exist between county employees and local citizens.

(Motion was made to table resolution – Motion passed)

4. Monies collected in fines by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are turned back to the counties for the purpose of fish and wildlife conservation education. AACD urges all districts to be involved in the utilization of these funds to assure that the funds are spent for their intended purpose.


5. AACD supports the “NOAH” bio-refinery research project utilizing chicken litter to produce energy, and urges further studies to develop and demonstrate the efficiency of the “NOAH” process using waste wood as fuel.

(Approved as amended)

6. AACD supports the Arkansas Grazing Land Initiative Coalition and recognizes the need for considering all grazing species in the effort. We resolve to hold a grazing land workshop at the Annual Meeting utilizing experts from surrounding states as well as those within the state.


7. AACD urges the Arkansas Grazing Land Coalition to coordinate with Conservation Districts when expending funds for field days to demonstrate grazing system, watering systems, herd health and other livestock related activities.


8. AACD supports legislation authorizing the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission to issue up to $300 million in State of Arkansas General Obligation Bonds for water; wastewater and Pollution Abatement Projects.


9. AACD resolves to support Farm Bill Programs which provide adequate technical assistance to implement priorities for farmers and ranchers.


10. It is resolved that AACD support ADEQ’s efforts to establish a procedure governing the addition and/or deletion and permissible uses of Extraordinary Resource Waters, but before a new ERW can be designated the proponent should be required to obtain the approval of the Conservation Districts and the county governments in each county where the relevant stream and watershed are located.


11. Among all states, Arkansas ranks number two in the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) with over 240,000 acres. AACD supports the WRP in its objective  to restore marginal cropland to wetlands. The decision by NRCS to utilize the “Yellowbook process” for appraisals has reduced the number of farmers who enroll in WRP as appraisals have reduced from $700 per acre to a low of $129 per acre. AACD urges NRCS to resume using  the previous process for appraisals.


12. Resolution supporting Farm Credit System Horizons Project – support is given to regulatory and legislative changes that would provide agricultural producers, commercial fishermen, farm and fishing-related, and other rural businesses, rural homeowners, and others in rural America with broader access to financing by the cooperative Farm Credit system.


13. Regulations should be established which would provide distribution of Conservation Security Program (CSP) funding between the landlord and tenant/producer in a manner similar to other conservation programs.

(Approved as amended)

14. AACD supports comprehensive bioenergy legislation during the 2007 Arkansas Legislative Session.



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