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AACD Resolution Process Time Line

May - August

  • Each district may develop resolutions following the outlined resolution process attached below.
  • A district may present proposed resolutions for discussion at its area meeting
  • Area committees may propose resolutions for consideration at the area meeting

September 30

  • Deadline for district resolutions to be discussed at area meetings and if adopted submit to AACD
  • Final deadline for submission of all resolutions and any changes in resolutions after discussion at Area meeting to AACD

November 4

  • Packet containing all submitted resolutions and Annual Conference rules will be sent to districts, please discuss resolutions packet at district meeting

December 8 9, 2000

  • Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts 2009 Annual Meeting Inn of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs, AR

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to present your resolutions at the area meeting please be prepared to discuss your rationale. However, if you do not have a resolution prepared to discuss at the area meeting, you may still submit it on or before October 24, 2008. This will provide adequate time to mail out proposed resolutions to districts prior to the annual meeting. Approved resolutions with national implications will be forwarded to NACD.

All resolutions will be reviewed by the resolutions committee and may be returned with suggested modifications. You are encouraged to work with your NRCS and ANRC staff, or other appropriate agency in developing a good resolution.

Format for Writing Resolutions

The following is the modernized form for writing resolutions, utilizing simplified Parliamentary Rules.

  • Title of resolution
  • The first paragraph is a statement of fact, finding or argument.
  • The second paragraph states what action should be taken and by whom. (Please identify who should take the action. Is this something that AACD should do or the NRCS, ANRC, etc.)
  • The third paragraph gives additional background information to support the resolution.
  • Submitted by__________________________(District)__________________
  • Area President ________________________(Area )____________________
  • For further information contact__________(name, address, phone/FAX, email)
  • Signatures of District Directors voting "aye".

Sample Resolution


Because the duties, responsibilities, and extent of workload of a district secretary vary by district, change in classification should be made for secretaries whose duties more closely resemble those of an administrative assistant.

AACD supports reclassifying the Secretary position(s) by district to reflect workload/ability. This would allow some secretaries to be re-classified to Administrative Assistant positions.

Explanation: Such duties would include office management, administering numerous accounting ledgers, management of special projects administered by the district (i.e. tree sales, booster clubs, trees for schools, etc.) Obviously, this would not include every district, but should be determined on a case-by-case basis as it is with Soil Conservation Technicians. Currently they have different job classifications to reflect workload activities.

Submitted by Pulaski County Conservation District
Central Arkansas Area
Phone:501-758-2544 Fax:
  For further information contact:
Dennis Hackbart



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