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Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts
Annual Meeting Business Session Minutes
December 13, 2006

I.      Call to order      (Agenda Attached –Exhibit #1)

R.D. “Sonny” Jones, President, called to order the regular meeting of the AACD 2006 Annual Meeting Business Session at 8:45am on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at the Wyndham Hotel, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

II. Partnership Reports were given by the following Arkansas Conservation Partnership members:

  • Kalven Trice, State Conservationist, Natural Resource Conservation Service reported that 4,367 payments were made to landowners last year.  He spoke to the recent budget cut at NRCS and its potential impact on technical assistance and services to landowners.   He also spoke on TSP being utilized by 61 counties statewide.

  • Adrian, Baber, Conservation Chief, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, gave an update on ANRC budget, which remains at current levels.  It includes:

1. $940,000 – line item to district funding

2. $250,000 – Grants to Districts

3. $150,000 – Beaver Eradication Program

4. $10,000 – Stewardship Program

5. $1 million – Water Quality Technicians (119 nutrient management planners who have registered 3,811 poultry producers.

    He also reported on Water Use, District Training and Audits. 

  • John Shannon, State Forester, Arkansas Forestry Commission reported on the BMPs (Best Management Practices) has seen an 85-86% implementation rate.  Some states have made them mandatory but he feels voluntary works best.  He reported on the successes of AFC with new facilities and programs.  He asked the group to support the AFC Budget request in front of the state legislature currently. 
  • Sharon Underwood, President, AACD Employees, reported that the association had held elections.  The new officers are:  Ruth Cunningham, President; Dana Cherry, Vice President; Ann Brooks, Secretary; Minnie Goldman, Treasurer.  She thanked everyone for their support during her presidency.
  • Rocky Harrell, President, AARC&D, gave a brief report on RC&D Activities, which include the Rural Fire Protection Program and Noah II project. 

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting (Minutes attached – Exhibit #2)

Roy Mahler, Secretary distributed the minutes from the December 14, 2005 Annual Meeting Business Session. Paul King, Franklin County, made the motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Andrew Wargo III, Desha County.  The minutes were approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

Roy Mahler, Treasurer, made a power point presentation of the income and expenses of AACD for the 2005 – 2006 fiscal year.  Income was $211,601.00 and expenses were $187,607.79.  Year to date report was also given.  Balance on hand is $77,263.56.  Motion was made by Paul Whittington, Franklin County, to approve, seconded by Johnny Holzhauer, Arkansas County.  Motion approved.

V. Old Business

1.  Resolutions (Attached – Exhibit #3)

a) Motion #1 made by Nedra Turney (Miller County) to approve, seconded by Allen Stewart (Rich Mountain CD).  Resolution approved. Resolutions followup

b) Motion #2 made by Roy Mahler (Madison County) to approve, seconded by Gene Pharr (Washington County).  Resolution approved. ANRC/District Relations

c) Motion #3 made by Allen Stewart (Rich Mountain CD) to table the resolution, seconded by Danny Wilson (Desha County).  Resolution approved. Watershed Districts

d) Motion #4 made by Troy Odom (Lafayette County) to approve, seconded by John Lachowsky (Franklin County).  Resolution approved. AGFC Fine Monies

e) Motion #5 made by Paul Whittington (Franklin County) seconded by Jack Harrington.  Charles Glover (Poinsett County) made the motion to amend the resolution to say “energy” instead of “electricity”, seconded by Bill Teeter (Desha County).  Motion to amend passed.  Amended resolution approved.

Noah II Project

f) Motion #6 made by James Mitchell (Yell County) to approve, seconded by Gene Pharr (Washington County).  Resolution approved.  Grazing Lands

g) Motion #7 made by Gene Childress (Hempstead County), seconded by Ann Cash (Desha County).  Resolution approved. Grazing Lands

h) Motion #8 made by Ron Bell (Independence  County), seconded by Andrew Wargo III (Desha County).  Resolution approved.  Obligation bonds

i)  Motion #9 made by Andrew Wargo III (Desha County), seconded by Roy Mahler (Madison County).  Resolution approved.  Farm Bill Programs

j)  Motion #10 made by Paul Whittington (Franklin County), seconded by Paul King (Franklin County).  Resolution approved. ADEQ

k) Motion #11 made by Ann Cash (Desha County), seconded by Andrew Wargo III (Desha County).  Resolution approved. WRP

l)  Motion #12 made by Paul Whittington (Franklin County), seconded by Tom Wimpy (Poinsett County).  Resolution approved. Farm Credit System Horizons Project

m) Motion #13 made by Charles Glover (Poinsett County), seconded by Danny Wilson (Desha County).  Tom Wimpy (Poinsett County) made the motion to amend the resolution to replace “equitable” with “distribution”, seconded by Andrew Wargo III (Desha County).  Amendment passed, resolution approved as amended.   CSP

n) Motion #14 made by Ron Bell (Independence County), seconded by Troy Odom (Lafayette County).  Resolution approved.  Bioenergy Legislation

2. AACD 2006 Activities Report 

a) Distributed to the Board of Directors (Attached – Exhibit #4)

3. Election

Rocky Harrell, Nominating Committee Chairman reported on the recommended slate of officers:

James Mitchell (Yell County) – President

Andrew Wargo III (Desha County) – 1st Vice President

Troy Odom (Lafayette County ) – 2nd Vice President

Roy Mahler (Madison County) – Secretary/Treasurer

Nedra Turney (Miller County) made the motion to approve the slate of officers as presented, seconded by Bill Bailey (Randolph County).  Motion passed.

VI.      New Business

a)      Smithsonian Soil Display - Charles Glover (Poinsett County) gave a brief discussion on the proposed display and the $10,000 costs.  He asked districts to support at some level if possible.  The soil to be displayed is the “Stuttgart Soil”.  $2,500 in funds has been raised to date.

b)      South Central NACD Report – Tamara Daniel, Regional Coordinator, reported on the current climate in DC regarding upcoming Farm Bill discussions, etc.  She encouraged the group to remain committed to grassroots support and their input in the development of the new Farm Bill.  NACD Summer Board Meeting and Legislative Conference will be held in July in Washington, D.C. 

VII.      Adjournment

Sonny Jones, President, adjourned the meeting at 9:30am.

Minutes submitted by:  Debbie Moreland, Program Administrator


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