Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts

Graphic of the outline of the state of Arkansas with a pine tree and a water drop in the center.


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News Release, June 2008 - Topic: Dams save millions in flood damages (PDF)

News Release, March 29, 1999 - Topic:  Spring Legislative Conference


Letters and Memos

Letter, February 17, 2000 Topic:  To Arkansas Congressional Delegation regarding proposed new EPA Forestry Regulations.

Memo, January 20, 2000 Topic:  Resolutions from 1999 AACD Annual Meeting

Memo, August 16, 1999 Topic:  Congressional Contacts Needed Now!

Letter, August 2, 1999, Topic:  Native Warm Season Grass Planters Available from Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Letter, May 6, 1999, Topic: From AACD President Don Mitchell Requesting Input on the Partnership Workload Analysis Assessment

Letter, April 26, 1999, Topic:  Request for Congressional Contacts Regarding Increased NRCS Funding

Letter, April 1, 1999, Topic: Spring Legislative Conference

Letter, February 12, 1999 Topic: Education Sub-committee, New Employee

Letter, February 8, 1999 Topic:  Introduction



The Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts
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